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You are a raven. You were someone else once... perhaps a prosperous caravan trader, a wise old healer living alone on the edge of town, or an ambitious youngest child leaving home to seek their fortune. It hardly matters now.

You met the Raven Queen by chance one night in the forest. She took your soul and with it your human form. Now you are one of her subjects and you are bound inside her woods, unable to return home. 

This is a game for two to four players. One player plays a human intruder or a pair of human intruders traveling together. The rest of the players play ravens in the Queen’s woods. 

This game was written in 2014 for the “Will Design Game for Art challenge” on G+. This same challenge prompted Kimberley Lam to write Atop a Lonely Tower and to be honest, that is probably a better game, but I still love the setting I wrote for The Raven Queen's Woods. Hopefully you'll like it too. 

The cover image is based on a photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash.


The Raven Queen's Woods - Third Draft.pdf 272 kB

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