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By Kathleen De Smet and Eva Schiffer

An online larp for three players and one or two facilitators that takes about three and a half hours.

Coran, the courier of the starship White Crow, has discovered a lost settlement on a distant planet. To survive, the settlement needs the resources from Coran’s corporate homeworld, and what better way to guarantee those resources flow than arranging a marriage between Aris, the leader of the settlement, and Bez, a member of the corporate planet’s elite? Can two people fall in love with only letters and a friend connecting them?

This game is about a romance nurtured across the stars. Two players will play inhabitants of different worlds who can only communicate via letters and an intermediary. The third player will be the intermediary, who carries their letters and has scenes alternating with each of the other players. 

The characters in this game do not have fixed genders. Character genders will be chosen by their players. 

Content Warnings: Arranged marriage, possibly having children (would happen post-game)


20210501-StarRoute-0.6.zip 315 kB

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