A downloadable game

A larp for two to eight pairs of players and one facilitator over about two hours.

by Quinn D and Eva Schiffer

In stories friendships are often absolute and eternal, but that’s not how real life works for most people. And that doesn’t need to be a tragedy. Best Friends Don’t Have to be Forever explores how friendships can be a deep and important part of our lives, while still being ephemeral as we all grow and change. 

Participants will play self created characters in a contemporary, realistic world. The game is designed to encourage your characters to share their emotional inner selves and connect deeply with their friends. Friendship pairs will discuss provided questions designed to encourage characters to be open with their emotional inner selves and to form bonds with each other.

Hand holding and body position will be an integral part of the mechanics to help you feel connected to each other. Touching will be limited to hand holding. Much of the game will be arranged so that participants interact with each other in pairs.

Downloads include all the materials needed to facilitate the game.


BFDHtbF-v0.5-20220819.zip 2 MB

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